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Hotel Management


Books, eBooks & Audiobooks 

The books in the library are organised first by subject number and then alphabetically by the author's surname. Each book number corresponds to a subject area.

The library makes as many books available as ebooks. If possible, we try to make all high demand textbooks, such as books that appear on reading lists, available as ebooks.

Search the Shannon Library Catalogue above for titles from your reading lists and course material to find both books and ebooks.

To help you get started finding titles on Hotel Management, below outlines recommended subject areas, books and ebooks. The Library also has a collection of audiobooks. Remember to consult your reading lists and course material for more detail on your recommended texts.

Below outlines Subject Areas for books on the Shannon Library shelves - you can also find this list on signposts in the library.

303.48 Intercultural Communication (*also see 658.45)
338.4791 Tourism / Sustainability (*also see 658.9191)
394.2068 Event Management
400s Languages
641s Food & Drink
647s Hospitality Management
650s General Business (*see further details below)
747 Interior Design
650.072 Business Research Methods (*also see 300.072; 790.072)
657 Accounting
658.1554 Revenue Management
658.3 Human Resource Management
658.4012 Strategic Management / Business Development
658.404 Project Management
658.406 Change Management
658.409 Leadership
658.8 Marketing
808.042 Academic Writing
808.51 Public Speaking

Atrill, P. and McLaney, E. (2018) Management accounting for decision makers. 9th edn. Harlow: Pearson.

Books: 658.1511 ATR
eBook available

View on catalogue >

Bardi, J. A. (2011) Hotel front office management. 5th edn. Hoboken: John Wiley & Sons Inc.

Books: 647.94068 BAR

View on catalogue >

Barringer, B. R. and Ireland, R. D. (2019) Entrepreneurship: successfully launching new ventures. 6th edn. Harlow: Pearson.

Books: 658.11 BAR
eBook available

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Bright, D. S., Cortes, A. H. and Hartmann, E. (2019) Principles of management: OpenStax. Available: 
(Accessed 21 July 2023).

eBook available

View on catalogue >

Burton, G., Carroll, G. and Wall, S. (2002) Quantitative methods for business and economics. 2nd edn. Harlow: FT Prentice Hall.

Books: 650.072 BUR

View on catalogue >

Carbery, R. and Cross, C. (eds) (2018) Human resource management. 2nd edn. London: Red Globe Press.

Books: 658.3 CAR
eBook available

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Cousins, J. and Weekes, S. (2020) Food and beverage service. 10th edn. London: Hodder Education.

Books: 642.2 COU
eBook available

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Foskett, D., Paskins, P., Pennington, A. and Rippington N. (2016) The theory of hospitality and catering. 13th edn. London: Hodder Education.

Books: 647.94068 FOS
eBook available

View on catalogue >

Gillespie, C. and Cousins, J. (2001) European gastronomy into the 21st Century. Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd.

Book: 641.013 GIL
eBook available

View on catalogue >

Guilding, C. (2014) Accounting essentials for hospitality managers. 3rd edn. London: Routledge.

Books: 657.837 GUI
eBook available

View on catalogue >

Hayes, J. (2018) The theory and practice of change management. 5th edn. London: Palgrave.

Books: 658.406 HAY
eBook available

View on catalogue >

Laudon, K. C. and Laudon, J. P. (2018) Management information systems: managing the digital firm. 15th edn. Harlow: Pearson

Books: 658.4038011 LAU
eBook available

View on catalogue >

Masterson, R., Phillips, N. and Pickton, D. (2021) Marketing: an introduction. 5th edn. Los Angeles: SAGE.

Book: 658.8 MAS
eBook available

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Reiche, B. S., Harzing, A-W. and Tenzer, H. (2019) International human resource management. 5th edn. Los Angeles: SAGE.

Book: 658.3
eBook available

View on catalogue >

Sekaran, U. and Bougie, R. (2016) Research methods for business: a skill-building approach. 7th edn. Chichester: Wiley.

Book: 650.072 SEK

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Whittington, R., Regnér, P., Angwin, D., Johnson, G. and Scholes, K. (2020) Exploring strategy: text and cases. 12th edn. Harlow: Pearson.

Book: 658.4012 WHI
eBook available

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The library's audiobook collection is available through Baker & Taylor's Boundless platform. With just under 50 titles, it is a curated collection of general business, leadership, organisational behavior, and personal effectiveness items.

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New Titles

Every Room Tells a Story

Author: K. Kemp
Year: 2015
Shelfmark: 747 KEMP

Hotel Housekeeping Management: Changing trends and developments

Author: J. Jayanti
Year: 2023
Shelfmark: 647.94068 JAY

The Physiology of Taste

Author: J. A. Brillat-Savarin
Year: 1825
Shelfmark: 641.013 BRI

Handbook on the Business of Sustainability

Author: G. George et al. (Eds.)
Year: 2022
Shelfmark: 658.408 HAN

Bookkeeping and Accounting in a Week: Teach Yourself

Author: R. Mason
Year: 2016
Shelfmark: 657 MAS

Physiologie Du Goût

Author: J. A. Brillat-Savarin
Year: 2021
Shelfmark: 641.013 BRI

The Making of a Manager

Author: J. Zhuo
Year: 2019
Shelfmark: 658.409 ZHO

How to Get to Great Ideas

Author: D. Birss
Year: 2018
Shelfmark: 153.35 BIR

Trusted Leader: 8 Pillars that Drive Results

Author: D. Horsager
Year: 2012
Shelfmark: 658.4092 HOR

Think Again

Author: A. Grant
Year: 2021
Shelfmark: 153.42 GRA

Principles of Sustainable Business

Author: R. van Tulder & E. van Mil
Year: 2023
Shelfmark: 658.408 TUL

Applied Marketing Analytics Using R

Author: G. Yildirim & R. Kübler
Year: 2023
Shelfmark: 658.83402855133 YIL