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The caselaw collection of the James Hardiman Library is available to all NUI Galway students and staff.

We have a print collection and an extensive online collection of cases. 

The print caselaw collection is located on the podium floor of the Library and is accessible during Library opening times.

  • The  Guide to Caselaw and Law Reports explains how to understand a caselaw citation and also includes a summary listing of our caselaw holdings in print and electronic form (on second page).
  • The Cardiff Index to Legal Abbreviations is a very useful resource for locating full titles of journals and reports.
  • Unreported judgments from the Irish High Court and Supreme Court from 1968-2005 are located in the Law Office.

The caselaw databases are available via the Library Website. A quick listing of our most frequent requests is provided to the right with a short online tutorial if available.

Caselaw Databases

Case Title Available On Online Tutorial 

Irish Reports (IR)

Irish Law Reports Monthly (ILRM)

Irish Unreported Cases (IESC, IEHC)  
Law Reports (England & Wales)- AC, CH, QB, Prob/Fam
European Court of Justice (ECJ)  
European Court of Human Rights (ECHR)  
All England Law Reports (ALL ER)  
United States Supreme Court Reports (US)
International Court of Justice  
UN Human Rights Committee Cases