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Scopus and.ScienceDirect - a comparison

  1. Content: Scopus covers a wide range of scientific literature, including peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings, books, and patents from > 7.000 publishers globally.
    ScienceDirect, on the other hand, focuses mainly on scholarly journals and books published by Elsevier .
    1. Scopus Fact sheet:
    2. ScienceDirect fact sheet:
  2. Scopus provides various advanced search features, including the ability to refine search results using multiple filters, such as author, publication year, document type, and more. Additionally, Scopus provides citation metrics for individual articles, which can help researchers assess the impact and quality of research.
  3. ScienceDirect may have some limitations in terms of access to search history and combining searches. This may make it more challenging to conduct a comprehensive search for a systematic review, especially if there are many relevant search terms or if the search needs to be refined iteratively.