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Beambox Laser Cutter

A guide for using the Beambox laser cutter in the MakerSpace

Quick Reference

Work area: 40 cm x 37 cm

Software: FLUX Beam studio available as web app or download

File types: SVG, raster

Laser type: 40w, CO2

What is Laser cutting?

Laser cutting is a thermal fabrication process in which a focused  laser beam cuts or engraves materials.

  1. A laser resonator (airtight glass tube containing CO2 and other gasses) is activated by electrical discharge.
  2. It emits energy in the form of light.
  3. The light bounces off several mirrors and through a curved lens.
  4. Within the cutting head the light is transformed into a concentrated beam.
  5. The distance between the nozzle and material must be consistent to ensure a good quality cut.