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Historical Maps


Griffith’s Valuation was a property valuation carried out all over Ireland between 1848-1864. Both the actual valuation and the accompanying maps are available online at  The same data is also available on the Find My Past database to which the library has access. It is possible to search for either a family name or a place name. In the context of most students’ research the latter search would be the more useful. The occupier results for the place will show the original page of the valuation. The numbers in the left hand column relate to numbers on the accompanying maps, links to which appear on the entry.

Note: the maps do not always open accurately, they sometimes open at a nearby townland rather than the one being searched. Also some don't have any demarcation of the individual holdings.

Placenames Database of Ireland

See and click on “Resources” then “Toponymy Resources”

Menu on right hand side - Historical Maps by county – e.g Map of county Galway by William Larkin (1819). A useful map that predates the 1st ed. Ordnance Survey by 25 years.

Down Survey Maps of Ireland

The Down Survey is a mapped survey which set out to measure every townland Ireland to be forfeited to soldiers and adventurers following the 17th century Cromwellian “settlement”. The resulting maps, made at a scale of 40 perches to one inch (the modern equivalent of 1:50,000), were the first systematic mapping of a large area on such a scale attempted anywhere. The primary purpose of these maps was to record the boundaries of each townland and to calculate their areas with great precision.

Memorial Atlas of Ireland

Atlas of Irish counties published in 1901 in the USA. Includes a colour map of each county with administrative units called Baronies and Civil Parishes marked. Our digitisation service has created an online version which can be accessed at the Digitised Archives page:

Heritage Council of Ireland Heritage Maps

Sea (Admiralty) Charts

Charts showing depths of water off the coast as well as features such as rocks, islands, harbours etc. We hold a hard copy set in drawer 3 of Map cabinet D.