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Getting started with Scopus tutorial

Scopus library guide


 See also our library guide on Scopus:

More tutorials on Scopus database

The tutorials below on searching and citation metrics on Scopus can be found on the Scopus YouTube playlist.

How to conduct a basic search
How to save searches and set alerts
How to use advanced search
How to expand your search
How to analyze your search results
How to download and export your search results
How to assess an author’s impact
How to search for authors by topical area
Understand how author profiles work in Scopus
How to make corrections to your author profile
How to keep track of an author
How to search for an author and view their profile
How to use your author profile on other platforms
How to create citation overviews in Scopus
How to view article metrics in Scopus
Comparing sources in Scopus
How to browse sources in Scopus
How to view journal metrics for a title in Scopus
Overview of journal metrics in Scopus
CiteScore metrics in Scopus


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Scopus is a multidisciplinary abstract and citaion database. See the Quick Reference Guide for more information. 

Important Information for accessing Scopus from off-campus: