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Does NUIG have a site Licence for SPSS software?

Yes. NUI Galway has a site licence agreement which is renewed in July. SPSS may be used by any employee, student or other persons authorised by NUI Galway for the purposes of the normal business of the University, whether or not they are located on campus. Such use of the software includes:

  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Personal educational development
  • Administration and management of the business of the University
  • Development work associated with any of the above.

Installing SPSS

To install SPSS software on your machine:

  1. Login as an administrator.
  2. Choose Site Licence (Licence Type defaults to Single Licence). 
  3. At Organisation prompt input NUI Galway

To obtain a SPSS Licence code, you are obliged to sign a SPSS Copyright Acknowledgement Form

Known Install Issues:

  • MAC Users: When installing SPSS on a MAC you must have an administrator password set on your machine. 
  • Windows Users: Error 1935 Disable McAfee Virus protection software while installing SPSS.  McAfee will allow connections over Internet explorer, it will not allowing other programmes to connect to the Internet. Once installation is complete re-enable McAfee. 
  • Windows Users: Error 1335 when trying to install SPSS 
    • First, copy the SPSS folder to your c: drive. 
    • Upon completion of copying the folder go to Start->Run. 
    • In the open field add C:SPSSsetup.exe, select OK. SPSS should now install.
  • SPSS Licence Key - To licence SPSS with Proxy Settings
    • Open the SPSS License Authorisation Wizard 
    • Press Next until presented with the screen to enter the license code

  • Enter your code and click Next 
  • If  this fails, Click on Connect to the internet through a proxy server 
  • On the following screen, enter the proxy server as and enter port as 8080 

  • Click Test Connection and verify that it is working correctly
  • Click OK and continue licensing your SPSS as normal by entering the new license code and clicking Next
  • SPSS Licence Key  - Temporarily disable your anti-virus software before you enter the SPSS Licence Key


How do I renew my SPSS license code?

Renewing your SPSS license code:

  1. Log onto the computer with Administrator rights 
  2. Programs > SPSS  > SPSS License Authorization Wizard 
  3. License Status window will open, click Next 
  4. Select Licence my product now and click Next 
  5. Enter the license code when prompted. 
  6. You should get a message informing you the code has been successfully applied. 
  7. Click Next and Finish to exit 

Technical Support for SPSS

Technical support is available online from the  SPSS Website
If your query is not answered on the SPSS website, the site license agreement allows for technical support via a single technical contact only. Please contact the Service Desk with any such query.