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Compendex LibGuide

A guide for how to get started, search, personalize and take advantage of Engineering Village.

Search Compendex

Search Compendex 

Ei Compendex is the broadest and most complete engineering literature database available in the world.

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A quick guide to help you get started using Compendex


See also Compendex webinar training presented by Susan Watson, Elsevier in December 2021:

Ei Compendex

Celebrating 50+ years, Compendex is an abstracting and indexing database, comprising coverage of >28M records of highly curated, globally published, scientific content, focused primarily on applied engineering research, literature and technical information.

  • It supports in-depth search and discovery of both engineering-specific and engineering-related content primarily in the physical sciences, while also addressing increasing interdisciplinarity in engineering (including the computer sciences), and physical science domains overall

  • Content is indexed and made discoverable through the assignment of controlled vocabulary specialized for engineering/physical science domains, using the Ei Thesaurus and thesaurus search

  • 1.6M records added annually

What is Engineering Village?

Engineering Village is a platform that enables in-depth search and discovery of both current, archival and interdisciplinary content comprising research and technical information in the applied engineering and physical science domains. It hosts highly-curated databases in which content from global publishers is indexed from journals, conference proceedings, trade publication, dissertations, standards, books, patents and technical reports.

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