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Research Skills for Students

An Open Educational Resource


Welcome to Research Skills for Students. This guide has been put together by the Academic Skills Team in the library to ensure that you get the best support for your information needs for the academic year ahead. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us at  

Who is this Guide for?

This Guide is for students

This guide is intended as a self-directed resource to help you through your studies, particularly if you are beyond the first year of your undergraduate degree. If this IS your first year, you might want to check out our First Year In: FYI handbook.

This guide is for undergraduate and postgraduate students who are just starting to be asked to use Library resources independently by your instructor (i.e. outside your reading list) right through to those working on a final or taught Master's - level dissertation. If you're just starting your independent work with information sources, you might get started with the tabs on Types of Sources, on Evaluating Sources and on Citing & Referencing. Are you starting a major research assignment i.e. final year project or Master's project? Not a bad idea to check this guide out all the way through, starting with section one, which covers the very important Research Question.


Note that there are self-directed activities throughout the Guide, so take a few extra moments from time to time to test your knowledge. Look for the red icon at left.


Creative Commons License

This resource, Research Skills for Students, by Academic Skills Team, University of Galway Library, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Based on Choosing and Using Sources by Ohio State University Libraries Teaching & Learning at

Includes also materials from All Aboard including especially the Systematic Searching tutorial and the Citing and Referencing tutorial.

This guide is an open education resource (OER). Find out more about OER at University of Galway.