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Copy of Systematic Reviews RD May 24 to consult with Academic Skills: Searching databases

From Searching databases tab



For a systematic review, we recommend preparing your search strategy on Ovid Medline.

See the most recent Ovid Medline webinar recording here:


To check your Medline strategy, see Checking tab - RD to add link 

To translate your Medline strategy to other databases, see translating tab - RD to add link


Note: To translate a search from Ovid Psycinfo to EBSCO, see boxes below:










Translate to EBSCO Psycinfo from Ovid


Transitioning to EBSCOhost Help Sheets


The following Help Sheets offer searching shortcut comparisons to assist you in transitioning to EBSCOhost from other platforms or as a new subscriber to the following databases.



Translating your search from Ovid Medline to EBSCO Cinahl or Psycinfo