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Cricut Maker 3



  • Machine buttons
  • Changing tools
  • Material types
  • Loading material
  • Design space app and cutting your own designs

A video guide on a overview of the Cricut Maker 3:

A video guide on how to set up the Cricut Maker 3:

Maker 3 Buttons

  • Power button. This is the button to the top left of the buttons panel 
  • Load material. This button is located underneath the power button
  • Start. This button is located to the right of the load material button
  • Pause. This button is located to the right of the pause button

Changing tools

  • Slot B contains cutting tool
  • A is for pens/markers
  • Flip open housing, lift old tool out, insert new tool, close housing


Material Types

Without mat:

  • Cricut Smart materials 

With mat:

  • Acetate, foil, fabric, canvas, cardboard, leather, faux leather, cardstock, photo paper, vinyl


Loading Material

For loading material, first press the power button then press the loading material button then load your material.

File types 

When uploading a file, make sure to use a SVG (scalable vector graphic) for non-photographic imagery to allow you to scale up or down infinitely without losing quality

Design Space App


How to make/import your own designs!

  • First visit
  • Download and open design space
  • Select Maker 3
  • Click new project 
  • Click upload
  • Browse to your SVG file 
  • click upload again
  • Select image 
  • Click add to canvas

How to print out your designs!

  • Click Make it in the top right corner of the deign lab after following the steps to create your design 
  • Choose mat/no mat
  • You'll notice your design split up by colour to optimise space on the material
  • Each material will be a separate cutting process
  • You can change material colours in between
  • If you would like to make it easier to put your layers together after cutting, go back and "wield" items that belong together (the button near the bottom left of the "layers" section)
  • You can also select overlapping items, and use the slice tool to create negatives

Tip : be sure to flip horizontally if you're planning to use iron-on

  • Now your cut items will be grouped
  • Click continue
  • Plug in the Cricut via USB
  • Select the material 
  • load first material
  • Press go
  • Then unload and load next material if using a second material
  • Press go
  • Etc.
  • After the cut you can use weeding tools to remove negative material.
  • Use transfer tape to combine different elements
  • Your custom sticker is now ready to be adhered to the item of your choice!


Also here is a video guide on how to use the Design Space App: