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Databases by function

Much of the Library's collections focus on academic research, but not all. The Library also subscribes to databases of content that are not necessarily academic or scholarly in nature, but are still useful for research, study, and for enjoying in your spare time. See the tabs arranged at right for databases of information that is not necessarily scholarly in nature. Remember, for scholarly information, the Library catalogue is a great place to start with your research.

Recall that in the case of most databases there will be video or text tutorials demonstrating its various functions. Often this will be found in the Help tab or similar. You can also try a Google search, the database vendors themselves or other libraries will often have demonstrative videos on Youtube and other popular platforms.

You can find many individual periodicals through the Library catalogue simply by searching for the title of the publication. You can find the Irish Times this way for example; The Economist is another; Harvard Business Review another.

You can also search the catalogue for archival newspaper collections that we hold by searching for the title of the newspaper in the catalogue. We hold archival collections of papers including the Illustrated London News and the New York Times.

This video demonstrates how to search the Irish Newspaper Archives.

Watch this video to learn how to use Gale collections at University of Galway and discover some of its basic tools.

Read this blog post for a demonstration of how to use Gale archival databases as a research tool, including its handy Topic Finder, and also how to use source material from them in a piece of academic writing.

The Gale interface is now available as Gaeilge.


Recorded training session on how to use Passport.

Standards are published documents that establish specifications and procedures designed to ensure the reliability of materials, products, methods and/or services. The library provides access to the full text of standards via the following databases:

Recent legislation can be discovered via relevant legislative or governmental websites, so the Oireachtas website for recent Irish legislation for instance, or UK legislation at


Watch a video tutorial on how to use Justis in your research by vendor representative Mary Ibrahim.

The Library subscribes to excellent citation indices, which are databases that keep track of who is citing whom in the academic literature as well as how often a work has been cited. This can be useful in terms of evaluation a source for its impact on scholarship as well as being a handy research tool - a link will normally be provided to all the works that cited an item, many of which might be related to your topic of research.